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Zayb’s colourful Peppa Pig Birthday Party

It’ll be nearly a year since I had this party and haven’t written a post on it. recently someone just reminded me about it and I decided it was high time I share the fun and lovewith you all.

This post is about Zayb’s 4th Birthday. the party planning started with organizing a pre-birthday bash for her friends from the street school. this is a school that operates from the foot paths of one of Mumbai’s busiest suburbs. Zayb has visited this school a couple of times and she has befriended a few of the kids. However her visit on her 4th birthday was her first visit to the school. On the morning of her birthday we visited the kids, had a crafting competition, shared some food and had fun with bubbles. More about the party here.

Details of the preparation:

Return gifts:

I made some returns gift packets for the party as well as the party at the street school. The party at home as to be a Peppa Pig theme party. One of the return gifts was a pack of glitter crayons. Instead of giving each child a full pack of crayons I gave half of the crayons from each pack to the street school kids. I could have easily bought more packs. But I wanted her friends who are as previlidged as us also to understand how important it is to share with people who as not as fortunate as us. So I made peppa pig pouches with felt that was kept at home and filled only half the crayons from the pack and inserted a note that I came up with. which read as under.

“Thank you friend, for coming to my party,

I thank you with some crayon, so lets get arty,

In your goodie bag you will find only four,

For the kindness may God give you more,

The rest have been donated on your behalf,

It was nice to have you,

We enjoyed your giggles and laughs!

(looking back I would have replaced the words donated by shared)



The hand made Peppa Pig Pouches



A few of the return gift pouches placed together

Home made Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa and George welcome bands

Party Games:

We made the kids play with bubbles down in the building. I wouldn’t let them do it in the house 😉

The kids thoroughly enjoyed this

At home we played ‘jumping up and down muddy puddles’. yes its Peppa’s favorite thing to do.

I cut out a puddle shaped piece from a brown suede that I had at the house which acted as their muddy puddle. The kids enjoyed jumping on that piece of cloth pretending it was  a muddy puddle.



I organized the party in one week. I wasn’t sure if ill do anything at all as I had delivered my 2nd baby just a few months ago. But Zayb wanted a Peppa theme party. So with very little time to shop and organize I had to use stuff form around the house and some of the balloons and lamps were borrowed (and never returned) from my sister.

I put up a colorful buffet station. I used her hello kitty water dispense (nothing to do with Peppa but I needed a water dispense) and plastic serving ware that we had at home. the baskets were used to serve dry snacks.

Water Station

Bubbles for the party

I decorated the table with lanterns, balloon peppa characters, play dough characters, leggo peppa house, some muddy puddle cut outs and grass mats to be used as placemats for the food baskets. the cutlery was kept in peppa boots. I placed some knick knacks for some effects.

The muddy puddle area which was the photo booth was decorated with Chinese lanterns that were done up to look like the ‘Big Balloon’ and Peppa characters like Peppa, Suzie and Candie

Peppa Pig

Candy Cat and Suzie Sheep

The Big Balloon: Big balloon, big balloon Bigger than the sun and moon. Flying high In the sky Fly and fly and fly and fly


The cake had a Peppa’s birthday party edible print. If you notice there is no Peppa in the picture. do you know why?/ that’s cause she is cutting the cake. yes. Zayb was dresses as Peppa in red and her besties was Suzie the sheep in Pink

I made fondant pigs to put on ‘pigs bathing in muddy puddles cup cakes’ to go with the theme.


The rest of the food was pretty standard. Like I said this party was organized in a week so nothing fancy. I did make Peppa and Goerge’s favorite “Spaghetti” though. But don’t have pics.


As you can see the party was loads of fun for the kids. She cant wait for her next party (I cant say that about myself though). This year she wants it to be Frozen.


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