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Medicine cabinet organising

My hub is a surgeon so he comes home every other day with bags full of medicines. All samples. Two pills in a box of 10. They take so much space and it’s so tough to store them as all one in packs of different sizes. It used to be a huge mess.

To add to that I don’t know what medicines is for what ailment. They are all different drugs for different ailments. So organising and using them was a huge issue.

Hence I decided that I’ll lock hubby down every once in a while and make him help with segregating the medicines. Though this sounds simple, I’m being very ambitious. Getting him to help with medicine organising is like elephant by its ear ( not an actual phrase, I just fabricated it coz it sounds super difficult 🙂 )

Last week I was able to convince him to spare 30 mins for this task.

I store the segregated meds in these baskets after throwing away the cartons. The cartons take too much space.

For the application medicines and wound management supplies I have another large basket

For the rest of the miscellaneous meds I use another baskets with one category or brand in zip lock pouches. I’ve labeled the baskets and zip lock packets as per the category of the meds.

This system is working fine for now and is by far the most organised our medicine samples have ever been.

I’m feeling thrilled and a wee bit proud.

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