Home Organizing

Organised Kid’s School and Class work.

Recently we installed a wall to wall unit to increase the space and storage in our Living room. (I'll do a full post on the living room refurbishment later)

A section of the unit is being used to store the kid's study material, encyclopaedias, colours, stationary, bags etc. It's one stop for all of Zayb's academic work and supplies.

The cabinet has 3 sections. It's like a T. The bottom section is divided into two.

In the bottom section on the left I keep her encyclopaedias and story books. In front of the encyclopaedia I have the encyclopaedia pen that reads out the books aloud which is kept in a pretty shoe box.

Next to the pen box I have a rack that hold all her educational media devices like her kindle, CJ slate and electronic scribble pad.

To the right I have magazine holders in different colours that helps me keep her Arabic, colouring, Phonics, Kumon and my magazines organised.

The top shelf is reserved for her crayons, felt, colour pencils, pens etc. along with white paper pads to be used as rough pads for doodling. I used cardboard magazine holders horizontally. These were the ones the encyclopaedia came in. They serve as shelves to hold the stationary trays stacked vertically

On the right of top shelf I keep all her bags (school, Kumon, Phonic and my laptop)

It's been 10 days since I have organised this space and it has remained as it is as everything has a place.

I love how functional and neat it is. It's also very colourful. I got a million hugs and kisses when Zayb saw the new home for all her academic mess.

Hope you like it too.

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