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How each corner of my home looks and feels matters a lot to me. Knowing that my mess is not too messy brings me calm and peace. Recently our house was under renovation because of which our entire life turned upside down including my linen cabinet. I would want to wake up in the middle of the night to organise my home but couldn't as I knew doing it in bits and pieces is not the solution. So I waited till the living room was done. Now I'll be able to focus on each corner one at a time.

One of the first few things on my list was my linen cabinet.

I have organised my bedspreads, pillow covers and vision covers in the blue compartmented storage bag I got from Amazon. While my blankets are in the single compartment orange bag. I love how they fit exactly in the two seater bench I have in the hall. The hydraulic fittings on the bench seat makes opening and closing and hence retrieval and storage very easy.

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  • Zef!!! How i love reading your organising posts…i feel like you are my lost twin. 🙂 I recently started storing bed sheets in their pillow cases before it goes into the cupboards. Helps me save time looking for the right pillow cases for each sheet. Thought i’d share it with you. Take care…

    • hey Thanks so much. do share pics. id love to feature your linen organizing. I used to do it that way too. however I do a lot of mix and match with the sheets and pillow cases, so it doesn’t work for me anymore. we must catch up.


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