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Below the sink storage: laundry and cleaning supplies

We are in the process of redoing some parts of our home. This is why the entire house and hence my life is a huge mess. But amidst the chaos I was able to organise my under the sink racks that carry all my Laundry and kitchen cleaning supplies.

We built pull out racks using old channels and steel racks. When not in use it pushes back into the space under the sink.

I used blue and green bottles. I have bleach, sanitisers, detergent, baby bottle cleaners, kerosene, platform cleaners, vegetable cleaners and stain removers all organised under here. I don’t need to label as use the blue bottles for bottle and food cleaner. The green ones are for chemical cleaners. As the bottles are clear I can see what each carries which also reduces the need for labelling.

I’m pretty happy with my project. Hope you like it. 

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