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Stackable containers for storage in the pantry

Recently Sameer had started to buy a lot of biscuits, snacks, Museli etc. As we weren’t used to buying snack or biscuits as much I didn’t have a dedicated space for these items in my pantry. For the first few weeks I struggled. Everyday when I opened the pantry drawer There would be half eaten open packets of biscuits or chivda stuffed in the corner of the drawer.

One Sunday afternoon I decided the buying isn’t stopping so the organising better start. I went to the mall and got these plastic containers. I’m usually against plastic but I couldn’t afford so many glass containers for a temporary snack buying phase. Yet I had to organise it better even though it was temporary.

We colour coded the snacks so that it was easy to find the right box when needed.

Green ones contain Zaryaab’s formula, porridge mixes, small nibbles, orange contained biscuits and toasts, blue were for Sameer’s Museli and nuts and the pink were for chips and chivda. 

I love how they stack up neatly. Also when not in use I can stack open containers into each other and store the lids under the containers. Stores very neatly.

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